2015 looked like this

Starting with the December round up
Just shy of 69 hours
Rest Days 2
Swim – 7 mins (just good to be back in the water, yes I hate swimming)
Bike – 42hrs (24hrs in the last 11 days, solid way to finish the year and nice to see some road riding getting done)
Run – 23 hours (9hours in last 11 days but to be honest running has been solid all month)

Now for the Year in Numbers
Just shy of 780 hours (down a lot on last year, around 80 hours less)
Swim – 28 hrs for 33 miles (I’m shit but did my best ever 70.3 swim 47 mins !!!!)
Bike – 468 hrs for 7500 miles (down on last year with me being back in the gym and swimming FFS)
Run – 236 hrs for 1653 miles (only 3 hrs less than last year yet 120 miles less, time spent jogging with friends is good time)
Cross training – 48 hrs (gym and skating)

Swimming – it was all about 70.3 so I hit the lake and took some lessons, injured my shoulder on the bike late in the year which wiped out 2 months at the end of the year. As much as I hate it I do plan to be in the water in 2016

Cycling – it was really all about 70.3 so this saw me do a few 50s at deliberate efforts but around that I found time to ride a few 21s a 53 and even won a hill climb. My road racing on the other hand was pretty dire and if honest my CX season has not been what I wanted it to be.

Running – the only reason I run really is so I can pace a girl called Kate, as a side effect of that I still seem to be able to run 17s and 36s but I made mistakes this year with a lack of real speed work. The back has not been great but will settle. Oh well and what might have been……


I see the year as a bit of a failure with my 70.3 puncture and the disaster of my hamstrings at the Basingstoke half but

Newbury Duathlon – 2nd overall and 1st vet
Newbury Triathlon – 2nd overall and 1st vet
West Lothian multi terrain 10km – 1st overall
parkrun wins – 3 and various AG wins
Southwold 10km – 5th overall 1st VET
Basingstoke half – 1st vet but a false one as I think there were V40s in the first 3
Dinton Pastures 10km – 2nd overall 1st Vet
Dragon 2 day bike race – 3rd in AG 9th overall and less than a minute from the win(can’t sprint can TT)
Newbury Club hill climb – 1st overall
10 mile TT on H10/8 – 9th and 2nd V40 – rode out of my skin !!!

So starting to think about 2016 and where to focus

First the CX nationals ,just want to be better than last year

The real stuff

Coast to Coast with my brother, we are not going just to make the numbers up and a lot of this year will be around staying fit for this. Plenty of endurance work to stay ready.

AdH  Duathlon and Triathlon – it’s a holiday with 2 races thrown in, training focus is enough to keep me swimming.

Day to day training for 2016

As a runner  it is about being a 36.xx 10km runner

Really though I want a fast 10 mile TT so all bike work when it comes to speed will be looking at this.

Fun – well that is what a mountain bike is for :¬)

Be honest with yourself, train smart and race well but remember this.

We are not professionals so if it isn’t fun then why do it ?

Me, I like suffering and see that as fun :¬)



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