Cirencester OffRoad Duathlon

Lets keep it simple to start

8th overall and 1st Vet

4th fast overall on both runs, fastest vet

12th fastest on the bike, 3rd vet

This involved me riding a mountain bike and the sad reality is I won the vets because I can run and I am a little disappointed with the bike.

I knew I was focused as I spent the night before checking over the entry list. The one name that popped out for me was Crispin  Doyle(one of the best VET CX riders in the UK).

Travelled down with Andy and Em. Crazy girl did a 10 mile run on a 1 mile out and back while we raced(top girl was there to see me finish). Andy has been ill so I think raced with limited expectation whereas I  turned up knowing I was in shape and in a strange way with expectations.

Andy and I rode a bit to check the bikes and then set out to run the run course, turns out it is longer than a mile per loop and it was very muddy so that was the first adjustment. So much for the 12 min run. The next issue was clothing, damn it was cold so there I was adjusting my shoes for bike and run so I could wear 2.5 tog socks. On went the arm warmers and the gloves.

Saw Crispin and I think we both knew it was his cycling V my running.

To the line then, strange siren and off, I moved smoothly to the front for the holeshot(something I never get right in a CX or MTB race) and around the bend. After half a mile the pace settled, 3 young lads away and a group of us not far behind. As we moved onto lap 2 I turned my ankle and I yelped like a baby(considered pulling out but it calmed down) slowed a little and then relaxed race head took over and off I went again. 4th into T1 but just part of a group really. A glance to my left told me Crispin was faster than I hoped.

Onto the bike, initially thought I was going ok and I did expect to lose a few places. Really struggled in the mud and had to dismount as someone crashed in front of me on the muddy climb, didn’t help I was in the wrong place. Crossing the grass at the start of lap 2 I had company and as we hit the fire road Crispin and a young lad left me for dead. To be honest this hit me hard, I expect to lose out on the tech stuff but could not keep with them on the road WTF !!!! Sometimes I forget how hard duathlon is and the mud had hurt me bad. I drove on as best I could and got the climb right second time. I think I entered T2 inside the top 10 but from 4th at T1 this was not great.

I will say although not fast my transitions were solid and as I left T2 my thought was not to give up any more positions. Strange feeling really as I was moving well but didn’t feel like I was on the edge, the relatively poor bike had demotivated me a little. Starting Lap 2 and I glanced the Hargroves kit through the trees and this obviously helped me a great deal as I picked my pace up and caught Crispin with less than half a mile to go. Top chap told me to chase the young lad down. I tried mate !!

Through the line in 8th overall and 1st Vet.

I keep denying it because I don’t think I am but the runner got the result here.

Maybe it is time to accept that I am a multisport athlete (duathlete as my swimming sucks and my body will never let me train properly) and actually target some of the bigger races but the reality is I want to play on my MTB and be ready for CX season.

Thanks Andy and Em for the company and support and Crispin for helping with my motivation.

Onwards then ..




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