Two bads make a good

Here it is the long awaited blog about last weekend where I had a double DNF

It will not be a long blog which pretty much sums up the racing as well :¬)

Lets start with Saturday and my first crit of the year. Lets face it FIRST crit is the clue. Anyone who has followed my years knows I can’t sprint and my crits are never good and pretty much every year I get spat out in the first one. That said I arrived at MK thinking ok I have more spiky power but 3 laps in and towards the back a crash happened and although I got back and battled after 15 mins at over 300 watts I was out the back. I pushed on and a few of us got together and kept on racing but really to no avail and after 38 mins we were caught. I knew it was time to stop when I could not get up the hill with the group while a lap down. So race 1 was over after 40 mins but there were positives

Watts back over 300 with NP at 340 for the 40 mins.

I was stronger up the slope.

I got some bunch practice.

I was on the training bike.

Onto Sunday and the MTB race.

Horrifically I rode a warm up lap and saw Zone4 and also realised that the course was way too technical for my limited skills.

No worries the idea of these events is really focused on CX season and improving my limited skills. Very limited skills as it seems.

Crashed early and bumped off a few trees but survived lap 1, not sure how far down the field I was but it was a LONG LONG way down. The legs felt surprisingly good considering Saturdays efforts and although technically I was way out of my depth I headed out hard into lap 2. Sadly enthusiasm and effort overruled skills and I had more than 1 incident before the dead stop crash that took me out.  I listed on facebook the list of sore bits afterwards. I tried to carry on but sore body and being mentally scared I pulled out.

Reflecting on the weekend I have power and my skills even though I crashed are improving.

How can I be unhappy ?

I can’t


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