Newbury Duathlon and the BIG W

I love racing, the thrill and the pain just draw me in. I have a love hate relationship with triathlon and duathlon but for the last few years this has seen me race locally at some small scale events as I think about dipping my foot in the big pool.

Safe to say as a VET I have been quite successful which has been great but somehow I still felt something was missing.

This all changed this year at the Newbury Duathlon when for the first time in a while I secured the BIG W

A picture says 1000 words

MShepherd (47)

Pre race had not gone well with me not feeling 100% in the days leading up to the race, a statement when made on race day was met with various abuse from my friends.

Did all my usual pre race work and stood on the line. Off we went and I found myself off the front. Actually not a bad place to be as it gave me the right line into the mud. Trail shoes were wise. By about a mile 3 of us had a small gap and a chap passed me. I sat with him only giving him a small gap up the hill. Noticed that as my HR crossed 170 I was in a little discomfort.

Hitting the road at the end of the first run and he kicked a little, I let him go. At this point the racer knows there is little to gain or lose. Into T1 and shoes off lid on and grab bike. Run out of transition to my shoes(little chat with ref beforehand gave me an option to put my shoes outside. I’m a cyclist not a triathlete so no flying mounts for me) T1.5 done and I am 3rd on the road.

MShepherd (22).jpg

Game on!!!!

Bike legs have been solid this year so I set off feeling confident, 2nd place was mine within a mile and I set about getting to the leader ASAP. Flew passed the show ground and totally missed Iain Collins and the turn. OOPS(sorry Iain) Turned the bike and again set off after the leader. I was riding smooth and as we approached Hampstead Norreys I was close to the leader, bridged and through. Hit the climb and decided on a big ring controlled effort. I crested and realised 2nd had closed up on me again so into the 2nd part of the climb I dropped to the small ring and raised my game a little. From here I decided to push believing local knowledge would get me a gap.  I arrived at transition with clear distance so had achieved my objective.

MShepherd (28).jpgJust a run to go then, as I headed out of transition the first signs of calf cramp were there so I dropped the pace and tried to shake it off. A mile in and still at the front the legs were good now so I went up the climb a little harder, turning to see his face I knew he was in pain and not closing on me so relaxed a little as I made the 2nd climb. There it was tarmac so I decided if he was going to catch me he would have to go hard as I went all in.

MShepherd (35).jpg

It was worth every bit of effort as rounding the field I was afforded the joy of relaxing and enjoying an OVERALL WIN.

Great to see Rich finish 3rd and a big thank you to Team Kennet for another great event.






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