LVRC Tour of the Abberleys

My weekend just went really bad

We had a lovely hotel which was a good job as I spent more time there than expected.

So to explain:

Prologue – I got a PB but I suffered so badly I was still coughing 30 mins later.

At this point I knew I was ill but hoped it would pass.

Stage 1 – Usually my strongest stage or at least the one where I am most animated, sadly my day was spent hanging on. I really mean that, often on the back and sometimes out the back but I never had the energy to really do anything useful. I finished the stage in the bunch but I was in a lot of pain.

Relaxed in the evening using the sauna and eating in the hotel praying I would be ok.

Got up on Sunday morning and allowed my athletic desire to compete overule the coaches common sense. I somehow convinced myself I should ride.

Stage 2 – knew I was in trouble when my HR hit 159 up the climb when we were neutralised!!. When we hit the climb a lap later I got blown out the back. Much to my surprise I rode back but every time we hit a small rise I dropped back then recovered but then I didn’t. I pushed for a bit longer but had a massive coughing fit and realised it was time to roll back to HQ.

I was gutted, I had put in extra effort to be ready for this race and  it was ruined. I made the decision not to ride the next day pretty much there and then, it was rapidly confirmed the next morning.

Stage 3 – Sat at the top of the hill and helped Em get the “King of the Mountains” points. It seemed like the right thing to do. Everyone suffers on that climb :¬)

Strangely an awesome weekend at a race that is very well organised and run by Mike and his Team but the disappointment is huge.

I shall be back next year !!!



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