So god seems to hate me

I don’t enter many TTs on the fastest courses but I really wanted something to focus on this year so I took a gamble on entering the E2/10, V718 and the F11/10.

In order:

E2 – the wind was the wrong way, ironically probably the best weather of the three but I rode fixed and the gear was too big. Result 21.34

V718 – Told by a few locals that this was the worst weather ever on the course, not only was the wind the wrong way it was bloody strong. Result 21.16

Finally to today, having tapered, prayed to the weather gods and properly prepped my bike I rocked up at the HQ for F11. It rained as I drove but there was no rain at the venue so this was promising. Saw Heather before and after and she mentioned the wind was the wrong way but not that strong. Either it got stronger or I am a pussy. PB was never on. Result 21.24

So there we have it the end of my 10 miles on fast courses journey for 2016 and not a PB or even close to a PB. I have remained as Mr 22 on a club course and Mr 21 at opens. To be honest it sucks as I know on the right day I am at least a minute faster than the best I have ridden.

For every event my power has been good and my training has been solid but sometimes you just need a good time :¬(

Given my luck I will probably get a blizzard when I ride the E2/25 in July.


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