Good days and bad days!!

It is a well known fact this has not been a great year for me race wise. Well TT wise really. I have complained of good power and poor weather time and time again. Yet I have enjoyed myself and in some ways that probably means more.

Does this mean I have found nirvana and can just take part in things ?

Not really


Times(Pbs) are not the important thing in duathlon, it comes down to being consistent over the disciplines and just being faster than others on the day. Seems not rushing the first run, a solid climb and a solid 2nd run can win prizes. I did make sure I was not being caught on the 2nd run and even bagged a few more places but after a triple ascent of Ventoux the day before this was all very controlled.

This result again brought up the question, why not just focus on duathlons and train around these events ?

I had 2 easy days on the bike with Em after this to prepare for the duathlon, easy but still 3 odd hours each day, the idea of being here is to ride lots and not take the racing too seriously.


This was how we watched the long course head over Ornon, deck chairs and Coke Zero, life is indeed hard sometimes.

So come Friday morning the magic software told me I was tired from volume but the two easy days had me fresher than Tuesday, result indeed. Everything was very casual with the shoes dropped off and local knowledge meaning I knew where to park near a toilet and not have to ride too far. Em met me as arranged and prep went well. As always I had as little as possible in transition, knew where my bike was and headed to the water. In the water a good 15 mins before the start meant I had all the time I needed to relax.

The swim was not good, I didn’t relax with so many people around and all in all the main thought in my head was duathlon :¬) I was basically getting myself excited about the bike and run ahead.

Came out the water all very calm and jogged slowly removing my upper parts of the wetsuit, faffed getting the bottom off.(Morgan would have been impressed with that) and then it was race time. I shot out the gate and charged up the hill(big power) flew down the first mini descent straight into a group with a ref just sat there. Swerved passed with the red mist of enthusiasm and shortly afterwards was disqualified for crossing a solid white line :¬(

Lets do this in order, I did cross the line and the ref followed the rules. There is no argument here. I have rarely ever broken a road law in a TT or a triathlon duathlon and probably seen thousands do it but rules are rules. I should have been calmer and waited.

That said, not for the first time in a triathlon the officials have assumed slow in the water means slow on the bike. I was doing nearly 40 mph as I approached a peloton that he was not moving over or penalising for all sitting together. On top of that he was the one sat by the white line blocking the fast line. Not sure he initially appreciated me trying to get him moving faster or out of my way.

If you are a ref, official or a race director and a re reading this you have my respect for organising and making sure these events run, safety as always is a huge concern. I just ask this. Do not assume anything about anyone and do a consistent job of keeping a road clear. There are other riders just like me out there, you know SHIT IN THE WATER :¬)

So having been DQd barely 10 mins into the bike I decided to ride Pas de la Confession and the other climb into AdH, not full race efforts as the head not quite right but I went hard.

No point being grumpy so after a little chat with someone from the event (they even offered me a tshirt) I went and had a coke.

As I said , good days and bad days :¬)



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