National Cyclo X CHampionships 2017

So I’m sat here gutted as I try to reflect on how my race ended.

How did it end? Oh that was my standing at the top of a bank leaning over my bike in pain. Ironically not through crashing or mechanical issues but through being broken by the course. Yes me, I was broken by the course.

I don’t want to bore people so,  those who know about  my medical issues know but suffice to say it was my left leg that was beaten by the course with my DNF in effect caused by severe cramping in my calf. Sitting here now I am still in pain but I am walking normally which tells me I stopped in time. I’m tender from my knee to my ankle and things are a little discoloured but I’m ok.

What about the course? I know this is the golden question. Right then, the course was brilliant, a mix of off camber running climbs, riding climbs mud and tarmac. This was a true CX course and a challenge for even the best riders. I think one of the things that hurt most is I loved the course and was racing well(by my standards)

I had decided this year to play to my strengths and use my running where I felt I could save time and ironically it is this factor that was my undoing. Both parts of the course where you had to run for any length of time were steep and off camber putting all the pressure on my left ankle and leg and well after 30 plus minutes of racing the leg said no more. As I came off the banking and went to mount there was just pain. I rode on a little but had to unclip quickly then tried again but as I prepped to descent the banking (on the bike) I stood up and ouch!!. Pulled over and did contemplation:

  • It’s the nationals…
  • It’s my health…
  • There are other races…
  • It’s the nationals ..
  • It’s my health

You get the picture and all happening in seconds.

This is one of the few times in my life where I actually realised that my long term health meant more to me than just being top 50, I’m not a completer so if I had carried on it would have been all in and risk everywhere but it doesn’t change the fact sat here now I am wishing I had tried to carry on. You just think but I’m not that bad now.

The mind is a crazy thing isn’t it ? 


Team Chris worked the pit for me as Em was away swanning it up in Norway. Having chatted before hand we had everything sorted. Thank you gentlemen, showing the mind is crazy I feel bad for letting them down as they worked hard for me.

When I stopped I was ahead of my gridding, I hadn’t crashed and had stuck to my pre-race plan.

I still don’t understand how some people seem to have wheel traction in the mud and I get wheel spin. I was using Limus and FMB Super Muds and at some points I just pushed the pedals and didn’t go forward. Anyone ?

I still think using my strength, ie. running is a good thing but again I need to work on my bike skills, they are improving but I know I can do better. With that I do hope to attend more of the classes that Team Chris put on and of course more MTB racing.

Other questions around my food, and last few days prep need to be looked at but I did taper and felt good on the line so not sure that will lead anywhere.

There are a few weeks of racing left and I shall attend with Em so she can get some practice and for me as I just love to race but I am starting to wind down now and think about my road plans.

Have fun



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