Tuning up

I have been out on the TT bike the last few weeks just trying to spend some time on it so I thought maybe what I needed was a tune up race before the National so a quick search in the internet and I found the Ashridge Duathlon. Off road run and TT bike friendly lapped road course. Entered the sprint as I wanted to do a hard effort off no rest.

Hotel booked nearby so Em and I cruised up on the Saturday evening and ate near the hotel. Mad all the drive plans for the morning and got to bed reasonably early remembering the clocks went forward.

Race day and initially all went to plan including testing deep heat on my legs (BLOODY HELL) to make sure I wasn’t cold. Thermal base layer and neoprene gloves were out again.  I put the bike in transition and then noticed the issue. There was no garmin on my bike!!! TWAT !!! Warm up became a tempo run to the car and back. No worries made the line nicely warmed up.

Off we went and I quickly noticed that my breathing was a little rougher than I would like, that said I settled in and ran a solid effort on the first run, went for the calm transition and a smooth easy exit . Jumped on the bike and although the garmin was running there was something frozen on the screen so I rode on how I felt. This went ok as I felt very strong on the bike, went hard on the hills and rode 2 pretty even laps. I knew I was relaxed as I hadn’t really worried about getting out of my shoes which seems silly as I think about it now. I also remember having to twist my leg as my left foot was on the ground. Another smooth and relaxed transition. Analysis showed that I can go harder on the bike which does back up how I felt. I had ridden myself into 2nd place so pretty good really.  As I left T2 the guys in 3rd and 4th were only just coming in so I felt pretty calm when suddenly I got that telling pain in my calf. Shortly after I was standing still and stretching it out. Not sure why I bother as I know it doesn’t work until it is ready.  Thanks to the stop my gap to first was bigger and gap to second smaller and relaxing was now out the question. Once running again I was back to 6mm and pushing hard until I knew I was totally safe which was about 200 metres from the line.

2nd overall and 1st V45 – solid day out off the back of a high volume week,  the only concern seems to be my left leg deteriorating even in a small race like this. I want to laugh it off but with less than 2 weeks until the A race I’m a little concerned.

Oh well, not a lot I can do now beyond make sure I am on the line fresh a week on Sunday.






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