Brutal Little Pig

So after the success of my foray into Duathlon and after some chatting with Morgan a trip was done to West Wales to have a look at the Pig Duathlon. Morgan was thinking of doing the full distance whereas I actually just went along to get some training in.

Plan was simple do the first run, drive the bike course and do a loop of the second run.

What did we learn ?

Well the first run isn’t a run really it is walking at speed up a mountain with intervals of jogging and the descent is basically falling with style, that said once we got into it a lot of fun was had. Somewhere in here the discussion started about me doing little pig.

We drove the bike course thinking mmm this is a TT bike course and at this point plans for a second recce of the course occurred.

So off we went for the second run and although not up and down a mountain a fair amount of climbing was involved, I think around 6 miles in Morgan realised little pig would be enough and I then said I would enter as well :¬)  Then we got lost a little but no tragedy the end result was we made it back to the car.

After this Morgans training was focused and I adjusted mine a little as well and we finalised dates for the second visit.

The second visit was very useful as we did the climb again, not super fast but quicker than the first time and this was good for confidence and my belief that my leg could take the pressure.

The bike course as expected was hard but it is a time trial bike course, yes some of the climbs are nasty but there is enough time spent aero to make me believe it will be the fastest way round.

So there we were two weeks out and full of confidence, even the level of DOMS was much lower.

All sounds simple really and then my fragile body decided to rear it’s ugly head. I had taken the 2 days off running again after the recce but had trained well as felt strong, Wednesday night at intervals I even pushed a few reps. Still felt good. Thursday morning I went for an easy run and afterwards sitting in my office I got some serious pain. So much so I spent the next few days limping quite badly and initially convinced I had a stress fracture, so much so I tried the hop test on Friday night at home and collapsed against the radiator in pain. Suddenly my participation in Pig was in doubt. This carried on all weekend but come Sunday night I suddenly felt better. There was pain at a pressure point but I could hop. This week just passed suddenly became crucial, all the time this has been an issue I have been riding, once on the bike I was fine, again very like my 2 Stress fractures.

So Monday I ran a single mile. It felt ugly and uncomfortable but there was no pain it was just awkward. I waited for 2 days and nothing went wrong so I headed to intervals that I coach with a plan to run a few reps easy and see what happens. Delighted to say nothing went wrong.

Two more hard days on the bike so no running so I withdrew from F11 on Saturday as I had fatigue and a bike in bits. Plan B was to jog a few miles including a parkrun. The big emphasis was in JOG and so a very pleasant morning was changed on coming up on a group at parkrun with a woman lying on the ground. 2kms at speed to go and get first aid. Rested the rest of the day and waited to see how I was. Today I rode for nearly 4.5 hours and ran for 30 mins.

I’m declared FIT TO RACE !!!!!

I still don’t understand what went wrong or why I am now ok. I am worried this may happen again.  I’m concerned that I have become over cautious and even paranoid about the state of my body

In effect have I become a drama queen ?


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