Randomness – is it a word ?

Is it a real word?

the quality or state of lacking a pattern or principle of organization; unpredictability.
“we accept randomness in our own lives but we crave logic in art”
Yes it is !!!
So here is a blog – I had a rest day yesterday, normally you find it is because I’m ill or injured or it is just before a very big race.
Yesterday I had a rest day so I could go to the Swansea Half marathon to support my girlfriend who as you all know readers does more than her fair share of sacrifice and also my brother Chazs wife. I have been coaching Bee for quite a while with Em acting as the fluffy foil to dampen my rather blunt methods. It also happened to be Chazs and his daughters birthday around this period and my mummy was also there. So in effect it was family day.
It turned out to be a pretty good day, Em is not 100% back to her best but we feel we are winning the battle of why her calf is playing up.  So for her it was a bittersweet mixed sort of a day.
Bee got a 34 minute PB, yes 34 minutes!!!!!!!
I often think people assume that coaches only work with certain types of people so the assumption with me is I only want to work with people who are FAST, of course this is quite wrong as I actually only want to work with people who are committed to the journey of improvement. Bee ran 2hrs 40 which doesn’t sound like much to many people but for her it was a huge huge achievement and one I am very proud of. I don’t see Bee often but to see her times improving and to see the work she puts in is inspiring.
So if you are out there and think you are too slow to have a coach, think again. All a good coach wants from you is commitment to the journey, it is hard sometimes but the results are there to see. EVERYONE can improve with the right support.
So about this Random day, there was cake and I mean lots of cake, 2 birthdays means 2 cakes, there was food. I ate bacon and cake and burgers. As lovely as it all was a priceless moment was my brothers face on seeing he had his own cake not only that it was the FETT !!!!!!!!
Running this morning just got me thinking about random stuff, things like:
I still very scared by the events of 3 years ago, I will never really understand why the course of action taken was chosen. These days it doesn’t really matter but it still bothers me.  In some ways the events of last year with someone who I thought would be my mate forever have cut me much deeper. All I know is I am far more defensive and protective of my bubble than I ever have been in my life. Sometimes it is a good job I like my own company.
I love coaching, I work with a very diverse group of people, the rewards and the disappointments are something you share.
How well my daughter rode her scooter on a very busy road as she followed me to get her bike serviced.
How glad I am that the damage done during the dark years seems to have been repaired, the relationship with my daughter and her mum matters a great deal. MiniG still has no concept of reality on so many thing but she has turned into a very pleasant young lady.
I still don’t understand how she has finished school and has a prom yet still has 6th form to go but I shall not worry as I saw the dress she will wear on Friday and she will look lovely.
Could I have trained yesterday morning? Yes I could but I chose not to in the morning as I wanted to be there to support Em, she will tell you I am still useless and she made the coffee like she does when I race but I was there to say the right things.
Could I have trained while the half was on? Yes I could but I chose not to so I could drink coffee with my family.
Could I have trained at home in the evening? Yes I could but I had eaten too much cake so decided to just kick back and relax watching the F1 :¬)
Interesting bit – my legs felt brilliant today even if my guts are still not great (too much egg lately I fear) !!!!
Somewhere in here there is a lesson for me that says even though I am the master of the proper easy day sometimes the total rest day when there is nothing wrong is actually a good thing.
Funny really that Randomness is still largely about running but that is me.
I have noticed that I am less stressed about the hours I train this year and yet more focused. I am baffled that I have raced at a better standard and done well yet am less agitated by missing a session but I know it is a good thing. Don’t get me wrong I still target 2hrs a day or 60hrs a month but when it is short it is short.
So to close out this Randomness there has been a lot of focus on the bike this year and thanks to DrBob I even went and had some aero testing  so here is a little palmares:
4 triathlons
Sprint Age Group Qualifier 17th overall and the vets win
Ashridge duathlon 2nd overall
National Age Group Duathlon Championships at Standard distance 17th overall and 3rd V45
Dinton Duathlon 1st overall
My return to duathlon properly was very successful !!!
Time trials
Course PB on K41/10 22.25
Course PB on E2/10  20.55
Course and all out PB on F11/10 20.17
Focus on 10s is part of my prep for CX season
I have done a couple of 25s and they have also been ok and won a random club night 18, always nice to bag a W
Focus on the bike is paying off and these days I am a cyclist who runs a bit, this shows in all the duathlon results. That said I am still running 17.xx and 36.xx for 5 and 10kms and have got the W at a couple of parkruns.(lets not get hung up on is it a race)
I haven’t regretted the decision to ditch triathlon completely.
I’m looking forward to the rest of the TT season before a short break and back to the mud, I will never understand why I like CX as I hate mud and hate being cold but CX is awesome.
Randomness indeed and it’s a real word !!!

2 Responses to “Randomness – is it a word ?”

  1. 1 Ode
    June 27, 2017 at 4:16 pm

    Great blog.

    U are useless!! 😉 honesty was good and since having a young one again (now 5) I am less precious about my training.

    Family time is great.

    As always we do make up for it the following day! Keep on keeping on.


  2. July 13, 2017 at 12:46 pm

    I’m a realist that is for sure

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