Fast courses still need the fast head and legs

So this year I decided to put in the hard efforts and again chase the time.

I have invested in the bike, invested in the clothing and invested in me.

This year I have been rewarded :¬)

10 miles in 19.46

50 miles in 1.50.53

Various other course PBs on training nights at the local 10.

So how come the one blog I am writing about this is looking at a negative?

Quite simply because bad news sells :¬)

Ok not really but we learn more on the bad days.

You can see above there is no mention of a cracking 25 mile TT, I have ridden 2 and one was not on a fast course whereas the other was a slow day on the E2.

It is this ride and Sundays I want to talk about.

On the bad weather day I turned up with my big boy race head and proceeded to really put in a mentally and physically strong ride to be left wonder what might of been on a good day, it was a 54.xx and at this point actually my 3rd fastest 25. The point is I turned up ready and nothing was getting in my way not even god.

Sunday was the polar opposite, the weather has been bad these last few days and come Saturday I had pretty much talked myself out of traveling(it is 111 miles each way) but at 11pm the updated forecast said it would be ok. Alarm set for 0400 etc. I arrived in good time and got ready, warmed up in my usual casual manner and made my way to the start.  3 mile in and I was aware of how low my power was and my heart rate was so tried to raise my effort. It didn’t really happen. At the garage a mile from the turn if I had money I would have gone for a coffee, I nearly stopped again at 40 mins and it was only having someone to chase that helped me drive the last few miles.

Irony is a 53.58 and my 3rd fastest 25 but that didn’t matter as I could see the data now and the phrase missed opportunity is the only way to look at it. I have ridden 54.xx on other courses

So why did I go? This is the E2 and I wanted a fast time

What happened to you? I was so convinced it would be bad that I just couldn’t get an effort, all proof of this was that I went MTB riding in the afternoon and even went after a few efforts.

The killer was my effort was lower than the 50 I did a few weeks back.

So the lesson here is fast courses need the fast head to get the fast times, YOU STILL HAVE TO RIDE IT TO BE REWARDED!!!

My 10 at Hull, HR and power right near my best

My 50 at Etwall HR and power better than I rode the 25 on Sunday

My seasons best on the Newmarket race track was worse than I ride tired on a Tuesday night.

Remember this, it doesn’t matter how good your legs are if your head is not ready for the suffering.

It has only happened to me once this year and I am pretty calm about it but I just wanted to capture my disappointment, that is all it is. I have no doubts about my form. My legs are great and training right now is spot





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