Torq 12hr mtb race

Otherwise know as a 6hr Pair with Em.

I could break down my ride into lots of details and I could vent a little about things but largely I had a great day and nothing that exciting really happened on each lap I did. I really must have got better at this MTB riding.

Instead a little blog covering a few points…

Yeah this was her first MTB event and as I gave up 12hour racing last year doing the 6hr and hanging out at the “Orange Gayzebo” seemed like a great way to spend the day.

So we got there Saturday afternoon and along with Hannah, Tom, Jon and Jem we went off to look at the course. Nothing scary but the usual array of sponge ground and climbs. I was delighted that Em got round this without hurting herself or the new bike :¬)

We hung out for a little while before leaving the campsite and heading home for dinner, one does not camp. Even less so when I live 30 mins from a venue.

We got back early on Sunday so we could see the guys all head off on the 12hr which also allowed plenty of time for Em and I to eat and get ready. We had a game plan:

Gobi – 2 laps

Em – 1 lap

Gobi – 2 laps

Em – 1 lap

I would then go again if there was time.

From test riding the course and talking to people I had concluded the 7th lap would be touch and go but possible if all went to plan, if all going to plan meant 170 plus HEART RATE within a few mins of the start and me sending Em out having done 2 laps in way under 90 mins then yes we were flowing. Well Em was as I was knackered and knew I would need to be more sensible next time. Fortunately Norna was on hand to give me coffee and I was organised enough to eat. (eventually)

Em came past after 60 odd mins saying she had crashed a  lot but she was still going well, I jumped on my bike and headed to the transition to wait for her. Off I went again and this time I was more cautious. As I passed them on my first lap I heard the shout telling me Em would not be able to do another lap, obviously I didn’t know why and was disappointed but thought I will do my 2 laps anyway.(I had concluded that if we were “in it” I could ride another 2 laps slowly)  I came round the 2nd time and it was confirmed she was out. Sadly the rest between efforts her body had shut down. (The joy of diabetes and something we will investigate and plan to get around for next year) A quick check said we were 6th and  actually it wouldn’t be a team if Em didn’t do 2 laps so we sacked it and watched the rest of the day.

What we learned was:

  1. that Ems new bike is AWESOME
  2. we need to work out what to do so she can do repeatable efforts
  3. probably coupled to Saturday made it just too much
  4. I’m in good shape
  5. my bike is also awesome
  6. we quite enjoyed just doing the 6hr together

This means we WILL be back next year to try again.

Various Banjo teams and solos did very well across different cats including wins in the pairs and the single speed solo.

National 10 this weekend, nothing like something different.

Always good to ride for the Shop , thanks to Mark and the team for the continued support.




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