What have you been doing ?

It’s round up time!!

Obviously I blogged to the end of TT season and although it was a good one I ended with a cold at the National 10. Many people when they know they have form would carry on for a few more weeks.  Made no difference to me as I parked the bike and started to think about Cyclo Cross and hill climbs.

Mentally I was done, time trial training is not fun really as it is all about control and numbers and the racing is all about control and numbers. Yeah you ride close to the edge but there is a mental side that takes its toll and frankly by the National I was ready to stop.

What does this mean ahead of Cross season? Basically I start the year not cross fit. I trained for sure but a little running, rode my MTB and Cross bike a bit but mentally I recharged by removing the real rigour of training.

As many of you know I have power meters on most bikes and this includes MTB and Cross but I don’t race on power. What you do however is analyse the data and build training around it. This then becomes fun as I can do efforts at Cannock on the MTB or Cross bike. I try to still do 1 “proper” session on the watt bike but even that is different.

I also seem to run a little more.

Why? Simply put the effort and being tired on the Cross bike is more important than the actual number. It is good when the numbers come up and when they come up tired it is satisfying. I also don’t need to hold 300 plus watts for 20 mins so why train for it ? :¬)

Oh yes and I try to do more work in the gym, actually this is bad. I used to love lifting but even though I know about training zones etc to avoid building size I am always nervous. My legs are always used so yes Helen Wyman I hate legs!!!

So two races in and how is it going?

Race 1 was sound, I was gridded and made a solid start. Raced against a few people and got a solid 10th. Afterwards I discovered my rear disc was badly warped :¬0 I’m sure it ram ok before hand. I lost 8th and 9th on the last lap, I am putting this down to being fit but not cross fit. The season is long and I want to be ready for Nationals in January and that means mentally as well as physically.

Race 2 was a disaster, I started badly but recovered and moved through the field.  Sadly I was taken out on a climb and wrenched my leg out the cleat. I had one of those tell tale spasms in my calf but I rode on thinking I had control of it. I had run Limus and low pressure for the mud and in reality this was a bad idea. Yes I was good in the moisture but enough was dry that I could have ridden harder Griffo. Now you may ask how do I know they would have been ok ? Well, funny you should ask as on lap 3 I pulled the tub off the rim. Made the pit but with my calf spasm meaning I couldn’t run I stopped. Em collected my spare wheel, a Griffo which I pumped up, I also pumped up the front Limus and after 10 mins decided to “cool down” so re-joined the race. I rode very easy for the remainder of the lap but climbed solidly until being forced to dismount on the single track slope. This time I was ready and got off rather than forced off. I ran the hill and at the top thought “typical it is fine now” so put the foot down for the rest of the lap, I had no issues with the harder tyre pressure or the Griffo rear. I wasn’t last but this was not the race I was hoping for.

The first National trophy is this weekend and I am nervous really. I had hoped working legs and being stronger the left leg would cope better.

If all goes to plan I should blog after each National trophy weekend.

Have fun and stay healthy




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