Having been given the all clear to train I have set to the task with some enthusiasm. The reality is I am not 100% so there has been a lot of base work.

So in effect my month has been:

Weight management – I’m a touch heavy

Base – rebuild


24.28 for 10 miles on the road bike but missing 20/40 watts depending on your point of view

18.12 for 5km, missing about 60 seconds

Now I look to July with more of the same really but maybe a few more harder efforts thrown in. Really get my weight under control.

The only bad thing is I still can’t hold TT position, I will attempt to hold things on the TT bike in patches but I have pretty much accepted no TTs in 2018 apart from on the road bike.

Talking of rebuilding, I was going to build a hill climb bike, now I still want it to look like a bike but it will be llight. It is also being built by someone else. Full pictures and information soon.

The road back is open !!!!!!!!!!!


I’m a bit fat but…..

The hospital says my ribs and collarbone have healed and that all pain is now only muscular.

Fatally he said, ” you can push as much as you can tolerate the pain”


It’s 2 months tomorrow and I have been back in training for a week, I am fat, slow and feeling very old BUT I am most definitely back in training.

Challenges still exist:

1. I can’t really train my upper body yet as some mobility is still missing from the shoulder

2. I have some spurious pain in my RIGHT shoulder !!!

3. Backache when running caused by the weight I have put on

Bigger picture means I can’t ride on the drops or in TT position.

It is however better than nothing and raises the possibility that I may race sooner than expected and maybe in July ride the TT bike.

The FAT Lord is back !!!!!!



Season is over

So it all happened last weekend at the LVRC Crit race in Milton Keynes. Good hard racing followed by a crash. It was just one of those things really, we were pushing on and the chap in front of me lost the front. I hit him hard and got to spend 8 hours in the hospital.  As someone with a fear of needles being stabbed was not fun but then neither was the pain. Lots of scans and then being told nothing was broken was a surprise. Sadly a false one as further scans showed I had a broken collarbone and elbow never mind all the road rash.

It was pretty apparent within 24hrs that I had other issues, the clue being the pain breathing and the bruising starting to appear under my arm.

I returned to the fracture clinic on Tuesday and after demonstrating getting up and down I was sent for a chest x-ray. There was no surprise to see I have multiple broken ribs and bruised lungs.


What this means is my season is over ! Ribs and lungs will need 3 months before I can put down a proper effort.

The last few days have been spent cancelling all my races with most organisers having a degree of sympathy as I am properly bashed up. Very disappointed with the organisors of Stockton Duathlon who basically sent me a tough shit default email.

To cheer myself up and allow myself to do zone 1/2 I have bought a WattBike Atom, I don’t Zwift train but thought it would be easier to sell on a device that is ready for Zwift and any other smart training.

It’s been a week now, no training, no dressing properly, no eating properly and although the collarbone/elbow are ok I am not sure about my ribs/lungs as I am still in rather a lot of distress.

The big message here though is I will be back, not sure returning just in time for CX season is wise but I will be racing as soon as I am fit enough to race. I have no concerns about crashing, that is bike racing you only have to watch the pros. That said I am aware that I am going to have quite a mountain to climb as I rebuild my fitness and drop the weight I will put on.

Stay positive is what I tell people and that is what I shall do myself.

I will be back






British Duathlon Championships 2018

Easy bit first – 28th overall and 3rd V45 or SHITE as I called it.

Oh don’t get me wrong a medal at nationals is nice but I wanted a good race and I didn’t get one.

I guess after my session with Gary at Sportstest I expected problems today but I got far more than I bargained for.

The first question is, should I have started the race? For the last 3 days I have been fighting a cold so I knew there would be a penalty but I woke this morning and thought it is the National so I must try. I did a lap of the course testing my bike and felt ok.

So the race itself

Run 1 – the plan as always is about 3.40 a km – Reality was 38.08, a whole minute slower than last year.

Sadly it was never on, fast first KM off the line was about 3.33 but km 2 was 3.41 then 3.43 and finally I settled at 3.48. Didn’t really pay much attention to the watch as I knew I was already playing game management. No real drama just not the pace I would have expected or wanted from the run training I have done this year. The only bad thing was my back was a little tight around halfway which was unexpected.  As I entered T1 I felt ok.

Bike – Simple plan was drink every 2 laps and target 24.2 mph(last years split) assuming the conditions allowed. (ie. no silly power efforts) Time officially is two mins slower than last year but it wasn’t.

Bike was spot on from the start and strava shows my laps splits were on plan, hydration was on plan and was enabling me to count the laps, there were no clues to what was coming and at this point in fact if I had fatigue anywhere it was my quads which had not really done the TT bike time.  I was hoping that my “easier run” coupled with gels, fluids and control would enable me to run strong. At this point I was still after a high overall position and the AG win. As I completed lap 8 I lent down and undid both my shoes and as I removed my foot from my shoe my left hamstring just locked. I can’t explain the pain all I can say is it doesn’t move so I pedaled one-legged to the line and stopped. There I was stood still one foot on the floor and my other in the shoe on the bike and at a very uncomfy angle. I stretched a little and released my other foot and got a pain in my stomach(never felt before in a race but like cramp in my gut).Sadly as soon as I walked it locked again. This carried on for an eternity and I watch athlete after athlete who I had chased down go passed me. Finally I hobbled into T2 and racked my bike.

T2 – I don’t normally talk about transition but I contemplated stopping here as I reached for my shoe and my leg went again. For reasons I can’t fathom I set off.

Run 2 – there was no plan, not sure how I even started but I hobbled out of T2 at about 12mm then stopped and stretched again and picked up a little before it went again, the first km took 6mins and I had stopped totally and done a slow walk. On the 2nd cramp I again thought about just walking back across the grass but I didn’t. The next KM only saw me have to back off the pace and stop once and a 4.11 km was mine. Amazingly this glimmer of hope kept me moving forward and the 3rd km was completed without a stop in 4.05. From this point on I was running and the last 2 kms were both 3.49s and I was actually starting to feel other fatigue in my quads and calfs and not worry about my hamstring.  Trotted through the finish not looking happy and stuck my fingers up at the photographer, oops I am sorry.

As I walked through the exit I didn’t take a completers medal, they go in the bin most of the time, I race for the thrill of racing not for momentos for taking part. I hobbled off to see how bad it was and was very surprised I was still 3rd in AG, a medal I did take as even with todays disappointment it is still 3rd in a National event. (I now have 3 in this colour)

So I have a month until the next 2 events and simply put if Flexi_Gobi fails it will be time to call time on my duathlon career. It really is that simple. On doing so I am basically giving up racing as although I TT I am sadly average at best. I am still a better runner than a cyclist but without volume I can’t really compete and can’t race beyond 10km.

If I can’t race full-bore what is the point?

Tiddly Winks anyone ?





Duathlon season is here

It has taken a while to want to write a blog after the death of my friend but todays race brought the focus back to life in the here and now. I still spend too much time thinking about the wrong things but here goes.

Bedford AG Sprint Qualifier Duathon – again in 2018 I am not looking to go with Team GB.

I planned for duathlon this year and quit CX before Christmas. I have focused on my weight and on getting the right level of training in on the bike. Running, I have run more hard parkruns than I did last year already in the hope my legs would have some resillience back. IE. counteract last years cramping.

So the confession – last Sunday I had an involuntary muscle spasm in my right hamstring, it set the tone for my week and in a strange way encouraged me to rest a little more than I may have done, I still did my threshold work and I still raced track on the bike as I get no issues there but I ran less and loaded up with non run days. I ate smart and made sure I had my hydration dialled in.

I was ready and felt brilliant this morning


So I was not shit but all did not go to plan.

40th overall 2nd in AG

Looking at the cold light of V45
3rd fastest run
Fastest bike
16th on the 3rd run !!!!

The chap who won my AG was 15 seconds faster than me on the first run I grant you but I really felt I had a lot left so may have given him a real race. Respect to him for riding and runing well.

I got barely a KM into the 2nd run when I felt the twinge in the right leg(the one I had been watching) and backed it down, picked up again as it felt ok and bang a mile and tap in the left hamstring went.

JOG ON, stretch etc…….

I am GUTTED !!

Now I know many people cannot understand how I can be disappointed with my race but I want to race to the line, it is not about 1st or 40th it is about doing my best race and sadly this just reminds me of CX season and that is not a good place for my head to be.

I don’t need to be told I did well or I did shit I just need people to get a perspective that we are all different and doing our best means different things to different people.

Something to think about isn’t it?



2018 I will beat you

Someone asked on Twitter why I blog and about what and I said sporadic and various.

To be fair I am usually all about sport with the occasional rant.

Today is about life not being fair.

Last year I finally met up with a few of the lads I played 5 aside with in the early 90s, here and there you keep in touch but time passes by.

We had all been talking about tracking down a few more of the lads for a 2018 meet up.

In the last few days I found out he died at the age of 61!!!!

Life really isn’t fair. It has put many of my own pointless moans seriously under review.

To close down, if you are reading this and thinking any of the following

I really must do this

I must try that

I really don’t like this

I don’t like that

Any fucking quandry where you are not happy

Stop procrastinating and do something about it before it is too late

I found out just as I was getting on the bike at the gym, I trained anyway as I know he would have been annoyed if I didn’t and it is what I love but instead of focusing on training I thought about my life.

This year I will make plans and things will happen, there will be changes.

Remember it is your life so take part !!!!!





The end, the beginning

So that was Cyclo X
It was indeed and should be no surprise to find it ended with a DNF, not me this time I snapped my chain miles from the pits. I think on Facebook I showed a picture of my bike with the TAG Broken sums up my cross season.
I wasn’t even that bothered and that simple statement tells me it was the right decision to bin the rest of the season.
I went to France for Christmas and took my MTB and my road bike as well as a Snowboard, never cease to be surprised that I had not ridden on Snow since before MiniG was born. (my daughter is 17 in March so it was about 17 years!!!!) I had a brilliant week publically where I rode every day, ran on a few days and on Christmas day I went snowboarding. The alone time was however very dark at points as I mentally struggled with a few things that have got to me in the latter parts of 2017. I don’t want to mention names but 2 people managed to push back into my life and throw me into a bit of a downward spiral that has really blown my world apart.
Oh well, life does go on and I returned from France a more mentally in control man, for better or worse I made some big choices.
Enough of all this melodrama, let’s talk about the big topic!!

I did contemplate a mileage round up but…

2018 PLANS
Really simple if honest, a proper go at Duathlons, with this in mind I have not raced at all since December the 17th and have also not really done any structured training instead I have taken a mental break and just ridden my bike, done a few parkruns and ticked over, volume has been excellent but ticked over none the less.
Duathlon Dates
11/3/18 – Bedford AG Qualifier Draft Legal Sprint
18/3/18 – Oulton AG Qualifier Draft Legal Sprint
25/3/18 – Bedford for the National Age Group Duathlon Champs Standard distance
22/4/18 – Stockton AG Qualifier Standard Distance
That is it, my season. In effect I need to be ready by 11th of March as from then it will be hard to make gains while recovering and every race is a full effort. I will try to just tweak my TT engine in the month between Bedford and Stockton but we are talking small gains.
The plan is ready the training events(running, some track racing) are in the calendar, the sessions I need are all in place. It is up to me now.
I have not signed up for Age Group, this is still part of when Gobi reaches 50 can he compete at Euro or World level, I only want to go if I am racing. I am still not ready for the joy of just taking part.
In closing there is one question and it means this blog will end on a downer really.
Am I worried about my legs playing up? Yes I am !!!


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