Duathlon season is here

It has taken a while to want to write a blog after the death of my friend but todays race brought the focus back to life in the here and now. I still spend too much time thinking about the wrong things but here goes.

Bedford AG Sprint Qualifier Duathon – again in 2018 I am not looking to go with Team GB.

I planned for duathlon this year and quit CX before Christmas. I have focused on my weight and on getting the right level of training in on the bike. Running, I have run more hard parkruns than I did last year already in the hope my legs would have some resillience back. IE. counteract last years cramping.

So the confession – last Sunday I had an involuntary muscle spasm in my right hamstring, it set the tone for my week and in a strange way encouraged me to rest a little more than I may have done, I still did my threshold work and I still raced track on the bike as I get no issues there but I ran less and loaded up with non run days. I ate smart and made sure I had my hydration dialled in.

I was ready and felt brilliant this morning


So I was not shit but all did not go to plan.

40th overall 2nd in AG

Looking at the cold light of V45
3rd fastest run
Fastest bike
16th on the 3rd run !!!!

The chap who won my AG was 15 seconds faster than me on the first run I grant you but I really felt I had a lot left so may have given him a real race. Respect to him for riding and runing well.

I got barely a KM into the 2nd run when I felt the twinge in the right leg(the one I had been watching) and backed it down, picked up again as it felt ok and bang a mile and tap in the left hamstring went.

JOG ON, stretch etc…….

I am GUTTED !!

Now I know many people cannot understand how I can be disappointed with my race but I want to race to the line, it is not about 1st or 40th it is about doing my best race and sadly this just reminds me of CX season and that is not a good place for my head to be.

I don’t need to be told I did well or I did shit I just need people to get a perspective that we are all different and doing our best means different things to different people.

Something to think about isn’t it?



2018 I will beat you

Someone asked on Twitter why I blog and about what and I said sporadic and various.

To be fair I am usually all about sport with the occasional rant.

Today is about life not being fair.

Last year I finally met up with a few of the lads I played 5 aside with in the early 90s, here and there you keep in touch but time passes by.

We had all been talking about tracking down a few more of the lads for a 2018 meet up.

In the last few days I found out he died at the age of 61!!!!

Life really isn’t fair. It has put many of my own pointless moans seriously under review.

To close down, if you are reading this and thinking any of the following

I really must do this

I must try that

I really don’t like this

I don’t like that

Any fucking quandry where you are not happy

Stop procrastinating and do something about it before it is too late

I found out just as I was getting on the bike at the gym, I trained anyway as I know he would have been annoyed if I didn’t and it is what I love but instead of focusing on training I thought about my life.

This year I will make plans and things will happen, there will be changes.

Remember it is your life so take part !!!!!





The end, the beginning

So that was Cyclo X
It was indeed and should be no surprise to find it ended with a DNF, not me this time I snapped my chain miles from the pits. I think on Facebook I showed a picture of my bike with the TAG Broken sums up my cross season.
I wasn’t even that bothered and that simple statement tells me it was the right decision to bin the rest of the season.
I went to France for Christmas and took my MTB and my road bike as well as a Snowboard, never cease to be surprised that I had not ridden on Snow since before MiniG was born. (my daughter is 17 in March so it was about 17 years!!!!) I had a brilliant week publically where I rode every day, ran on a few days and on Christmas day I went snowboarding. The alone time was however very dark at points as I mentally struggled with a few things that have got to me in the latter parts of 2017. I don’t want to mention names but 2 people managed to push back into my life and throw me into a bit of a downward spiral that has really blown my world apart.
Oh well, life does go on and I returned from France a more mentally in control man, for better or worse I made some big choices.
Enough of all this melodrama, let’s talk about the big topic!!

I did contemplate a mileage round up but…

2018 PLANS
Really simple if honest, a proper go at Duathlons, with this in mind I have not raced at all since December the 17th and have also not really done any structured training instead I have taken a mental break and just ridden my bike, done a few parkruns and ticked over, volume has been excellent but ticked over none the less.
Duathlon Dates
11/3/18 – Bedford AG Qualifier Draft Legal Sprint
18/3/18 – Oulton AG Qualifier Draft Legal Sprint
25/3/18 – Bedford for the National Age Group Duathlon Champs Standard distance
22/4/18 – Stockton AG Qualifier Standard Distance
That is it, my season. In effect I need to be ready by 11th of March as from then it will be hard to make gains while recovering and every race is a full effort. I will try to just tweak my TT engine in the month between Bedford and Stockton but we are talking small gains.
The plan is ready the training events(running, some track racing) are in the calendar, the sessions I need are all in place. It is up to me now.
I have not signed up for Age Group, this is still part of when Gobi reaches 50 can he compete at Euro or World level, I only want to go if I am racing. I am still not ready for the joy of just taking part.
In closing there is one question and it means this blog will end on a downer really.
Am I worried about my legs playing up? Yes I am !!!


Yes I’m hurt and disappointed

but I’m not injured.

People who follow my blog/facebook/twitter will be aware that I have had my CX season destroyed by cramp and muscles spasms.

This is not new for me and over the years I have had to build up resilience by racing hard and by putting in the high volume efforts. I can produce blogs/Facebook posts talking about cramping and my body breaking down. I never ran beyond 100kms as I could not keep my body together for more than about 5hours. Seems my heart and lungs have ALWAYS been better than my legs.

Interestingly this year I broke my year up into segments and made sure there were small down periods, I deliberately arrived at CX season a little undercooked as last year I raced so much that by the National in January I was looking forward to the end of the season way more than I should have been.

Turning up at Race One I was really excited to be back on the cross bike with a properly mapped out season.

Normally after a few races and some focused training  be it track/triathlon/running/CX the cramps largely subside and only escape under severe distress. Sadly in cross season this year it has been in nearly every race or I ride at 90%. Of course when you read that the solution is to do more work at the level of distress backing off is somewhat counter-productive. It also makes you question the decision to arrive undercooked and you start to second guess yourself for not hitting August and starting to hit the CX sessions hard. I just never expected to breakdown so badly.


The link above explains EAMC – safe to say I do pretty much every item of prevention on this list.

If you followed my early season you would have heard me have issues at the Duathlons I did as well. I put some of this down to the COLD and deep heat certainly helped.

Now, I am told that when my left leg plays up it does have something to do with my L4/5 SPINE issue which coupled to the instability in my left ankle joint would make sense but the right leg really is just good old cramp.

Below is another link to the mystery that is cramps, I also suffer from spasms, cramp in my sleep, random acts of cramp while sat at my desk.


Sadly off the back of this years issues I have made the decision to only race my local CX league and not do the National Trophy or National Championships. I need to be at 100% to not come last at National level so riding round like a mobile chicane is not on option. I am sure there will be moaning and complaining, there will be frustration that another result was lost to a spasm or a cramp or both. You never know I may have a good day or two as my legs do adapt.

What does this mean?

The latter part of December will be spent getting mentally fresh, I will ride and run but there will be no racing, no specific targeted efforts just a man doing the things he enjoys.

January and I will start to build for an assault on the Duathlon season, I even bought some training wheels for the TT bike.

In closing this out, I am not over trained and I am not mentally struggling. I feel great in the training sessions and in the races the level or effort I can sustain until the cramps is fantastic. Track League has seen maximum heart rates of 183 more than once. I really am mentally and physically in great condition. EXCEPT for a little cramping issue so please:

Don’t assume a little bit of grumpiness is depression or burnout it is just a man battling a flakey body and getting a little frustrated that he can’t get round it.

I will continue to study things and experiment on myself with nutrition/ supplements /training methods – voodoo magic / odd socks / guess work

(Some of this may not be true)

Race hard kids




Another CX Blog

So I finished another race and this time back on the bowl at Milton Keynes, this should of course make me happy but anyone who has seen my posts on facebook will probably know that is not the case. Don’t get me wrong it is nice to get up on a Monday morning and go running with no pain in my calf, either calf for any reason but I know how compromised I raced so I could get to the end. As said previously – ” it’s not racing when you don’t join in from the start”. Ironically I got off the line OK in MK at the weekend but as people risked the first few climbs I rode more conservatively and therefore let people go. As I got to the last lap I was aware that I had not really got away from a few riders so I punched a bit and got away. I’d love to say this gave me confidence but I could feel the twitching.

With the above statement in mind I made the decision – there will be more National Trophy this season. It is hard enough racing local league at no more than 90% never mind National Trophy where I need my “A” game just not to be last.  I am still at the moment hoping to ride Southerns and the National Championships but we shall see.

In other news I punctured before riding the hill climb on Sunday which basically finished my weekend off. I did ride up the hill with Ems back wheel in but I was not focused at all so rode really badly.

So I have tried breaking myself in training but can’t do it. This weekend I shall “race” Central League again and hopefully push a little harder.

Confidence is low but I love racing…



CX IS here

Otherwise known as  “agitated and disillusioned” a journey on the road in the wrong direction.

Lets be clear I have arrived at CX season in brilliant shape, oh I’m not cross fit (more on that) but I am fit.

The first round of Central saw me finish in 10th, really only lost out due to a lack of top end on the last lap and lets be honest that will probably be the same at the end of the year.

It’s been all down hill since round 1 to the extend that I have struggled to write this blog

I survived National Trophy but off a tragic start I found myself near the back before riding through the field but failing to make it as far as my gridding, I just made too many basic errors with lines, gears just anything that could go wrong.

Sadly, National Trophy was barely the tip of the iceberg of disaster, MK the next day saw my left leg just seize and so I limped in laps down. I could talk about how well I was riding etc. but I just can’t raise the enthusiasm.

It got worse as well with round 3 seeing me make a blinding start and make progress to be struck down by debilitating cramp in my right calf and once more watched everyone just ride away. At least this time I was able to role to the end as long as I hobbled the barriers. Off the back of this I spent 2 days with a locked-out calf and couldn’t walk properly.  The week has been spent doing light training in the hope that I would be clear to ride today

Arriving at today I was apprehensive to say the least, viewing the course did nothing to calm my concerns but riding it did. Discovered I could get up all the climbs without standing and decided to be cautious over the jumps and re-mounting. So obviously off the start I went backwards and up the first hill I went backwards some more and then to add insult to injury I crashed. That was the last of the bad news as I rode through the field and finished above my gridding.

Sat here right now there is relief that I finished a race and am not in pain. There is a little bit of hope and I think I have a plan ,  but I am left with this closing thought.

It’s not really racing if you don’t take part from the start is it ?



What have you been doing ?

It’s round up time!!

Obviously I blogged to the end of TT season and although it was a good one I ended with a cold at the National 10. Many people when they know they have form would carry on for a few more weeks.  Made no difference to me as I parked the bike and started to think about Cyclo Cross and hill climbs.

Mentally I was done, time trial training is not fun really as it is all about control and numbers and the racing is all about control and numbers. Yeah you ride close to the edge but there is a mental side that takes its toll and frankly by the National I was ready to stop.

What does this mean ahead of Cross season? Basically I start the year not cross fit. I trained for sure but a little running, rode my MTB and Cross bike a bit but mentally I recharged by removing the real rigour of training.

As many of you know I have power meters on most bikes and this includes MTB and Cross but I don’t race on power. What you do however is analyse the data and build training around it. This then becomes fun as I can do efforts at Cannock on the MTB or Cross bike. I try to still do 1 “proper” session on the watt bike but even that is different.

I also seem to run a little more.

Why? Simply put the effort and being tired on the Cross bike is more important than the actual number. It is good when the numbers come up and when they come up tired it is satisfying. I also don’t need to hold 300 plus watts for 20 mins so why train for it ? :¬)

Oh yes and I try to do more work in the gym, actually this is bad. I used to love lifting but even though I know about training zones etc to avoid building size I am always nervous. My legs are always used so yes Helen Wyman I hate legs!!!

So two races in and how is it going?

Race 1 was sound, I was gridded and made a solid start. Raced against a few people and got a solid 10th. Afterwards I discovered my rear disc was badly warped :¬0 I’m sure it ram ok before hand. I lost 8th and 9th on the last lap, I am putting this down to being fit but not cross fit. The season is long and I want to be ready for Nationals in January and that means mentally as well as physically.

Race 2 was a disaster, I started badly but recovered and moved through the field.  Sadly I was taken out on a climb and wrenched my leg out the cleat. I had one of those tell tale spasms in my calf but I rode on thinking I had control of it. I had run Limus and low pressure for the mud and in reality this was a bad idea. Yes I was good in the moisture but enough was dry that I could have ridden harder Griffo. Now you may ask how do I know they would have been ok ? Well, funny you should ask as on lap 3 I pulled the tub off the rim. Made the pit but with my calf spasm meaning I couldn’t run I stopped. Em collected my spare wheel, a Griffo which I pumped up, I also pumped up the front Limus and after 10 mins decided to “cool down” so re-joined the race. I rode very easy for the remainder of the lap but climbed solidly until being forced to dismount on the single track slope. This time I was ready and got off rather than forced off. I ran the hill and at the top thought “typical it is fine now” so put the foot down for the rest of the lap, I had no issues with the harder tyre pressure or the Griffo rear. I wasn’t last but this was not the race I was hoping for.

The first National trophy is this weekend and I am nervous really. I had hoped working legs and being stronger the left leg would cope better.

If all goes to plan I should blog after each National trophy weekend.

Have fun and stay healthy




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